Sunday, 1 March 2015

March merriness

Two months of the year used up. We are getting rain almost every day. This helps as the last days of summer are trying to be the hottest. Work is hectic. Transporting my child is hectic and so is making the border. In fact February was a pretty hectic month. I was given another 6 month contract. That will make it 9 and half years that I have been needed for only another 6 months. I find this stressful as you can only make plans within the time frame given.

Thank goodness for quilting. At least that keep on going with a certain rhythm. I love each step, starting with the planning and culminating with the final stitch of the binding. I have been day-dreaming of a business with sewing being the central part. The trouble is that the ability to earn the same as a corporate job is almost impossible. The thing with work is that I thought that I would do this for a year after school and then go off to university and become a lawyer. Instead I have written programs for the last 37 years and gained a degree in computer science instead of something fun. So I can sit an dream about a delivery van with a cute logo on the side and a barn in which creation would be produced all the while being a cog in the Machine. I can't complain it really is not a bad way to make a living. It is just not fun.

I am now half way in making the borders. 
They are creeping along. I have added the centre portion and the image of the little bricks coming together in the centre is slowly emerging. Having done the math, I am going to have to do something creative on the top and bottom as there is a 3cm shortfall on the border. I think I will solve it when I eventually get there.

Om num num num 
The kittens are growing. They are no longer kept in their bedroom at night, and are now free to terrorize all the members of the family as they see fit.
A pouncing about to happen
They are quite good and only start running around at around four thirty. We are going into winter so this will become later as the sun rises later.

Enjoy the last three weeks of summer/winter.
Kitten sniffing Greenies. Love those treats.

Have an amazing day.

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  1. 9 years on a 6 month contract. What a stressful way to live. Glad that your quilting brings you peace.


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