Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Windows for quilting

I was meandering through face book when I spotted this photo. I this this would translate well into a window quilt. I even like the table and chair in front of the window for extra depth.

I have been thinking about wall hangings and what would be awesome to depict.
There are always the Zen pictures. I have seen quite a few that have inspired me. The other thought I had was an inspiration board wall hanging. I would add a barn, a pink Lear jet and a lavender field. It would mean something to me and confuse everybody else.

Have an amazing day!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Happy New Year 2015

 Happy new year. May all your wishes that haven't come true so far, come true now. 

Have an amazing day!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Border business

The Cat helping. I have made 36 bags of 16 bricks and 8 edge triangles. 

 I started off by trying to organize each block. After the seventh one I got bored. I just grabbed a packet and started stitching.
 This is the first piece stitched together.

This is the second block.

This is them together. Not great picture. But things to do, pictures to post,

Have an amazing week. May it be an exceptional one.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Fabulous February 2015

February is here and January is done and dusted. My Granny's garden has all of it's flowers. I have squared off the flower area with green. In my mind, shrubbery around the flower garden. I have added a thin brown strip. This is to demarcate the flowers from the border.

I am now working on the borders. I have made about 100 little bricks and need to make another 550. I am going to do crazy paving with them.
 I had started making chevrons out of the bricks, when my 2 design consultants (my husband and my youngest daughter) that this was a gross idea and would look stupid. My husband has just denied the use of the word gross. Never the less.

After fiddling around I could see that possibly it was not the best design idea. I do think the mixed placement looks better. I have been given many jelly rolls over the years and this has been a fun exercise in using them up. The paving will use a whole lot more.

The kittens are growing beautifully. Yesterday I took the baby boy to the vet as he had eaten a stinging critter and one half of his face was all swollen. We have a bee hive that lives in the house's chimney, so it may have been a bee. There are many other creepy crawlies in the garden so I just wanted him checked out.
He was given a good check out and 2 injections. This morning he is just fine. His beautiful little face is once again symmetrical. Even his nose is down to it's normal size. He did have a little thug thing going on.

We have been having a whole lot of rain. The next door neighbor has a dead  tree which deposits branches each time it rains. Here is last nights deposit. I suppose wishing for them to be decent neighbors is asking too much.

Hope you all have a Fabulous February and the last 6 weeks of summer/winter go by in a pleasant manner.

Lastly I have added a video of the kitties being cute,

Have a good one.

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