Sunday, 22 March 2015

Border progress adjustments needed

Well today is Sunday,the outside world is grey and gloomy. What joy. I have spent the whole day stitching. I have managed to stitch the edge on the border. 
These are the corners all ready to be attached. What do you think of the butterflies that I have added?

I have now got to the point where serious calculations needed to be made to do the final adjustments to the design. I am adding some blocks to the border as well as a 1cm stripe to the top and the bottom. It sometimes is fun to do follow your nose designs. The whole point is not to have a freak out when you realize you still have 20 metres to stitch. 

The kittens have been keeping me company. The poor little boy spend a night at the vet. The mean Siamese cat from next door came over to our property and scratched his flank. The scratch formed an abscess and this needed to be drained. The poor boy went under anesthetic and while he was under he was neutered as well. I know it is the responsible thing to do, but, I do feel bad for the poor fella. Extra greenies for him. 

Hope you are having an amazing day and that stitching is part of your plans. I found this funny and it really does appeal to me. Do you think it is funny or do you have to have drunk this cold drink growing up.

Have a good one.

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