Monday, 19 September 2016

Granny's garden

I had always wanted to create a granny's garden quilt. I love the way that all of the flowers come together to create this picture.
I hand piece and hand quilted all the flowers.

The flowers remind me of family members and how together we paint a picture of who we are. 
I love seeing sunlight through quilts. 
The last stitch has been stitched and the quilt is done.  The center triangle were the pieces that held the boarders together. 
 This is the quilt all finished. I had gone through a whole spool of thread and a few packets of needles.

And lastly here is a picture of Taz. The silly cat has been missing for a week and I am so worried about him. Please send him "Come Home" thoughts.
Please vote for my quilt at Amy's quilt festival.

Here is a link

Have a lovely day!

Zen moments

Quilting for me are my Zen moments. I find each part of the process quieting to my soul. The vibrancy of the fabric and the act of either stitching the pieces together or quilting and embellishing the piece all bring calm. Here is a piece inspired by this.

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Serendipitous September

September is always a surprise. Will it keep being warm or will we be surprised by another dash of winter? 

The peach tree is wearing a coat of blossoms and looks glorious.
The garden is bursting with prettiness. The row of Lavender and Rosemary that we planted outside the study seems to have settled in. Flowers are appearing on the lavender and the Rosemary shrubs look nice and healthy.
They still have a way to go. Once they have grown to fill up the empty space between each plant I will be extremely happy. I love both the smell of lavender and Rosemary. A bucket list item of mine has been a Lavender farm, as who could ever be stressed growing lavender. The cats love to nap between the bushes. It could be the fragrance or it could be the stone wall that absorbs all of the suns heat.

The granadilla bushes that I was given for my birthday have now been in the ground for about 3 weeks and they two seem to have settled in nicely.
 The mesh that my husband put up for them seems to be working. None of the ones I tried to grow from seed germinated. It may have been still too cold. I will try again once spring has actually sprung. 

The pansy and the primula are from the seedlings that I planted in the rose garden. How rewarding little plants can be. Spring and autumn are when they will look their best. At the height of summer it is normally too hot.

I still have not done any sewing as I am still recovering from my op. I know. It is very tedious that this has now been going on for 10 weeks.
Hopefully soon I will be a healthy bunny again. I was feeling up to getting more info for may family tree, so things are slower getting back to normal.

Hope that this find all of you, healthy, happy and being creative. Have a good one.

Monday, 1 August 2016

August blowing in

August come blowing in with the promise of the end of winter. We have an election in 3 day’s time with all the parties not being people who I would pick in a normal world. I will choose the least bad one and vote for them. It is sad when you realize that the country that you live in does not represent you.

In 10 days time, I turn 57 and my sister turns 60. Where did all those years go? My father is still around, and I wonder how old it makes him feel having really ancient children.  

With spring being just around the corner, I have been preparing a new veggie patch. The patch has been cleared. Compost is going to be added. I have bought the seeds and in my normal way there is now a spreadsheet with all their info captured. I have the seed trays waiting and in a week or two all the plants that need to be sewn in seed trays will be in the potting soil. The carrots and other root plants will need to wait until September to be sewn into the earth.

We planted the spring flower outside the kitchen and it is lovely to see all of the Impatiens and Pansies in the garden. 

We have added 3 lavender and 2 rosemary bushes outside the study. The sun beats down on this flower bed and the cats seem to love to nap next to the nice smelling plants.

All of this gardening may have been due to last months battle to get better. I still have post op dressing over the whole in my side. My skin under the plaster is reacting so badly. We are trying smaller plasters as it gets better so that my skin can heal. The worst part is that I may need to have another op soon and then the whole process will start again.

I haven't done any sewing this last month. It does make me sad not having a needle and thread in hand. Maybe this month I will be able to do some. We have been sleeping under multiple quilts as it has really been nippy during the last few weeks. It is the middle of winter! We are so spoilt with mild weather that it takes me by surprise when it turns a bit nippy. We did have about 2 days where the temperature dipped to 2 degrees Celsius. BRRR. We do keep the windows open in our bedroom as the cats like to pop in and out so it does get quite fresh.

Hope that the weather has been treating you well and that you projects are plentiful and colourful!

Have a good one!

Friday, 1 July 2016

July: here is to a great month.

As the month of June comes to an end, I am sitting in a hospital bed. I have a horrid flair up of an infection I originally had 5 years ago. I have to admit that it started jiggling about a month ago and I tried to wait it out. Kathy's belief in ailments is that they will get bored and go away.

This Sunday however the pain won, I conceded defeat and have been here ever since. being under the weather is such a gross thing. They did surgery on Sunday night and just to show me that I was really bad, I am walking around with a drain. Major gross! The damn thing won't stop drawing and that is one of the pre-requisites to leaving.  The other is that my infarction levels were beyond ‘2 aspirin and call me in the morning’.

After a week of drippy antibiotics, I am happy to see that the infection count is now only 13 times higher as much as they should be.

That is an improvement, on Sunday they were 35 times the healthy number. “It is what it is” seems to be the doctors only comment. My husband is still a bit cross as he did tell me to see the doc a month ago...but you know.. School pick ups.. Projects...things.

Hopefully you are having a lovely end of the season.
Have a good one.

P.S. Though I do think that my husband having to give up a full day's playing is the thing that annoyed him the most.
He isn't very good at the game that he is playing, so he probably should have thanked me. Boys that play epic battle games, shouldn't think they can play a game where the character seems to be constantly running up buildings and the falling off them. So in a way, Sunday was an intervention to a horrid game.

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