Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ode to a car

It was time to say good-bye to my car. I had her for 13 years. I named her Fifi as she was a silly French car with silly headlights that curled up in the corners like a 1950's librarians glasses. She only had 79 000 km on her clock, but she had started the rapid decline in health which foreshadowed serious garage time.

Popping up in family pictures
It is silly to have been so attached to a car, but in it I have spend many hours transporting my children. I find the best time to chat to teenagers is when they are in the front seat of a car. I really do feel that I have been able to communicate with my children through this process.

My eldest child learnt to drive in her and this may have added to her path of going to live on the farm, or at least in someone else's garage. My eldest is a wild driver and has not yet transported children. I went from a wild to a mild driver in the space that it took me to fit a baby seat in a car 30 years ago.

Hopefully my cars have been re-cycled
I have owned 8 cars in my life and I felt bad each time I got a new one. I just listed them in my head as beige, yellow, fat white, blue, burgundy, red, blue and now the Fifi one. Two of my cars were French, 6 of them German and one of them American.  

The new lady getting settled into her new home
I bought a red German car. I hope that we have a long and happy ride together. My husbands car is a large German vehicle which I have named Hans as the safety belts in it are forever squeezing the female passengers. I think my new smaller car needs to be named Gretel to keep fairy-tales alive.

Today is my husband's and my 18th wedding anniversary. hopefully after another 18 we will know whether or not we are meant for each other. This is our little shared joke, which, normally freaks out most people. Hopefully we will keep on being in tune with each other in the future.

Last night we had a dreadful hail storm. The hail were the size of golf balls. It was very frightening hearing the storm approach. It was a wall of noise that that almost had a physical presence. 
The poor garden has lost so many of it's spring leaves. It is now 12 hours later and there are still pockets of ice in the flower beds. I see that most of the flowers have been smashed.

We live at a high elevation and as such we do not normally experience extreme weather.

The verandah awning, made of clear plastic, now needs to be replaced as it is sporting holes in almost every panel. It is horrid when things get broken by nature.

Hopefully today I will be able to do some stitching.

Have an amazing day.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Half way to Granny's garden

Oh the joy. I am half way to a Granny's garden. I have now made 111 flowers. I scattered them on the bed and realised that I really need to check to see if I really need 221 flowers. I have a bad habit of making more of repeat objects than I need to.
I have a whole tub of parts of a future quilt. Possible I will have enough to make a quilt to cover my car.

My car is all better. The coils or something had blown and that is why my card had lost it's putter and instead was doing the splutter.

I scan each of the flowers as I make them so that I can add them to the Granny's garden tab. Maybe silly, but I think it is fun. 
I had 6 flowers that I had not as yet thrown into the flower bucket. These six flowers were in a pile on the desk. The cat found them and this is her attempt at testing the new quilt. I actually think cats prefer quilts being made to boxes. We all know how much any feline loves a box to sit in.

Hope that the weather is amazing where you are. I love spring and Autumn. The temperature is at a perfect level and either you see lovely new growth or the trees are putting on a magnificent show.

Hope you have a stunning day.

Monday, 1 September 2014

September blossoms

Spring is here. Oh the joy. Blossoms have appeared on the trees. The grass is slowly but surely turning green and high levels of antihistamines are being taken.

On the way to pick up my child from school, my poor little French car started coughing and wheezing. The dial did a bit of a feint and only started working again when I turned the engine off and on again. My little car is now 13 years old and even though she has only done 78 000 km, she is is a teenager and is prone to having tantrums. I dashed to the dealership and booked her in for a probe. Hopefully she survives.
It really felt as if all the cylinders were not firing. There was a harsh smell when I got out of the car. Perhaps the head gasket has blown. Lets hope she can come home again. *SIGH* silly car. She has become such a fixture in my life. The car has been used to drive my eldest to varsity and back for the full four years that she was being educated. My youngest has been transported to and from school almost every day that she has gone to school. In fact almost all of the 78 000 km has been used for the transportation of my children. Oh well what will be will be.

I have now made 108 flowers for my Granny's garden and this is almost half way. I made 37 flowers in August which puts me just ahead of the curve.
I am now doing purple flowers. I still do not have a clear picture of how the final quilt will look like, but the flowers are pretty.

Yesterday my family and I went and had lunch with a school friend that I have not seen for 20 years. It was lovely to see her again and catch up. 20 years is too long between visits. I will try and organise regular get together. It is shocking how quickly life can go by. I do think that this current age is lovely. I have made friend around the world and I can visit with you through your blogs. We are truly lucky to be alive in this time.

I am being very sentimental today so let me just wish you well and hope you have an amazing day.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

August has almost blown away

It is now the end of August. It has been quite a hectic month. Currently we are experiencing freezing weather which always seems to happen when spring is trying to get it's groove on.

I now have a bucket of flowers. I think there are 103. This is still less than half way. I have been pondering about the border and the latest thought is to create a path around the flower bed. The idea that I have is to add some beads in between the "bricks" to be the dirt and stuff that you find in gardens. This thought too may not make it to the end of the quilt. This is the fun about doing your own thing, you can make it up as you go along.

I was playing in my sewing room and came across a bundle of cross stitch pictures that I stitched a few years ago. I had many framed, but these never made into a frame and onto a wall.
The question is should I stitch them into a quilt, make pillows out of them or just let them sit in my sewing room until such time as a fun idea actually arrives. I added all twelve onto my cross stitch page.

Flowers are starting to bloom in the garden. This is a yellow clivia that I grew from a seed that I bought from a botanical garden. Clivias grew for five years before they will flower. I suppose this makes you appreciate their flowering even more.
Hope you have an amazing weekend wherever you are. 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Another year older

An array of fabric
Hey hey, I am another year older and have been given a bountiful spectrum of fabrics.
Look at the amazing spread. These are all Kona fabrics. We got them from the Fabricshack who handled the order with excellent efficiency. I can't wait to create a quilt using these reserved hues.

A fabulous T-Rex
My family have been fascinated by the fact that National Geographic has written an article saying that Dinosaurs had feathers. I love this idea and my youngest rendered her interpretation of a T-Rex as a gift to me. It is absolutely fabulous.

Have an amazing day.