Sunday, 10 August 2014

Another year older

An array of fabric
Hey hey, I am another year older and have been given a bountiful spectrum of fabrics.
Look at the amazing spread. These are all Kona fabrics. We got them from the Fabricshack who handled the order with excellent efficiency. I can't wait to create a quilt using these reserved hues.

A fabulous T-Rex
My family have been fascinated by the fact that National Geographic has written an article saying that Dinosaurs had feathers. I love this idea and my youngest rendered her interpretation of a T-Rex as a gift to me. It is absolutely fabulous.

Have an amazing day.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Hail Augustus hail.

Let me seize on the moment to say welcome to the month of August. July is behind us and so is the coldest month of the year. I know that September is supposed to be the start of spring, but, I always hold out for blossoms in August. My sister and I have birthdays in August and for each birthday, my mother took photos of us with blossoms in the back ground. 

I have now made 71 flowers. This takes me to 32.13% This last week was very slow in the sewing department. Life truly does get in the way of leisure pursuits. Some weeks are just hectic and this last one qualifies. I am still enjoying making the flowers and new border ideas are being investigated. Just goes to show that earning a living by being logical, can seriously eat into the nonsensical. 

Work is excessively hectic at the moment, with deadlines looming.
This does not mean that I will give into pressure and work during home time. I strongly believe in having the correct work/ home balance. I get paid for a certain number of hours and I will always make sure that those hours are productive.
My sister and I a hundred years ago
It still does not solve the stress that is caused. The stress is actually all of the interruptions that need to be addressed. Oh to work in a quiet peaceful little bubble.

Quilting is a lively little bubble. I love the Zen quality of piecing fabric to fabric.

Have an amazing day.  

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Stash dilemma

I have just had a week of stash dilemma. I have been tempted to go to a quilt show, but, the only reason that I want to go to it, is to buy more fabric. I know that I am getting about 22 yards of fabric for my birthday in two weeks time( I know this as I sat next to my husband and organised the purchase).
What other fabric do I need to add to my stash? This is the dilemma.

The good quilt angel points out that I truly have more fabric than I will probably need for the next 10 years. The good angel also knows that I always ask for fabric for any of the present giving occasions. The good quilt angel also points out that storage of all of this fabric is starting to be a problem. The silly cow also mentioned that if I add any more fabric to some of my tubs, they are going to explode and cause grievous bodily harm. What a horrid thought adding just 1 small fat quarter and your whole sewing area explode.

The bad angel. Yes I did find one that looks like he has a vacuum cleaner as a mouth. This is due to him wanting more and more fabric. Who can ever have enough? Ah the pretty colours... I believe that it is this little bugger that always points out that the current quilt that you are busy with would be complete only by adding a fabric that you don't currently have in your stash. The reality is that the fabric is already in your stash. It is just hiding.
The bad angel has just pointed out that I don't have big flowers to cut down to smaller shapes and make flowers for my granny's garden. Bad angel. The bad angel also spotted this Gecko on Facebook. I really need this shade of green.

Does anybody else have this internal battle? 
I have an amazing fabric collection with hardly any boring colours in it. 

Have an amazing Weekend.

Update: Went to the show. Saw the quilts. Very pretty. So disappointed with the fabric producers. This is what I walked away with.

 See I did not actually buy any more fabric.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Saturday morning...

This morning I dashed off and took my child for 2nd language lessons. The language she is learning is not used by a very large audience. Listening to people in the office, it may be a good idea for her to learn to speak Hindi.
Though due to the number of people speaking Hindi, I have been working from home.
I need to have quiet to concentrate. Luckily I can connect to work from home. I have managed to accomplish much by sitting quietly by myself.

So, Saturday morning, sitting in the car, covering paper with fabric, I had time to ponder. Normally when I sew, I watch television. This entertains me and keeps the mind quiet. Today's thoughts about the corners of my Granny's garden quilt. My concept of putting barns in these corners may be silly.

If the Barns are barn size, then exactly how big are the flowers. The largest flower in the world grows to a metre in diameter (Rafflesia arnoldii). It even looks like a hexi flower. Now if we say that these are the flowers in a granny's garden, this has two things to worry about.
These flowers smell like rotting flesh, yuck to have that association.  Secondly how big could the barn be. Even a toy barn would be too big. Possibly a lego barn would be the way to go. 

So no I don't think of flowers in my quilt are a metre wide. I always think of them as dahlias. This brings me back to the border. I wanted to have sheep and ducks running around the border. How big would they be logically be. I now have to rethink what I will be doing around the blooms. Either a rethink or stop being logical.

Have an amazing day.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Irish chain

Have you ever made an Irish chain? I made one and it was an interesting exercise. The inner blocks were fun to quilt and the only thing I feel I did incorrectly was have a border on both the top and the bottom. This caused chaos when trying to match up the two.
It really was not as dramatic as I would have liked. It has all the colours but it does not hurt the eyeballs. I prefer quilts to cause a little pain when you look at them. I think there is too much white for it to get to critical mass .

This is the border that I was talking about. It is most elegant but really a silly thing to attempt. It looks good on the bed, but only for the when the quilt is folded back, just before climbing into bed.

I used wool batting for this quilt. What a glorious substance to hand quilt through. It is really easy to stitch, unfortunately it does not have that much strength so it seems to stretch when you pull the quilt up. Often the sound of threads snapping can be heard. The wool is also gloriously warm. This is definitely a winter quilt.

Here is the links to some of the makings of it.

Hope you make one at some point.

Have an amazing day