Cathedral Window

All finished on the 7th of June 2014.

I have now sewn on all of the cover over fabric. The black bits. I now am sewing on the buttons. After the inside buttons are done, I will do the border. When the border is attached I need to do some quilting on the border as well as the final set of buttons.
All of the buttons were recycled from my husbands shirts. He keeps reminding me that in the eighteen years that we have been married, I have never sewn this number of buttons back onto his shirt. It is an interesting one. I always restitch all of the buttons on a short if one falls off, so this should be used in the calculation. Any hoo, here is the progress:
Progress as at 20140529

Progress is being made.
Progress as at 201450522
I have been collecting Japanese print fabric for a few years. I like the way that the gold pops. Possible this will cause this wall hanging to be fundamentally tacky. There is always a danger when hanging something you make yourself for the cringe factor to be high.

Progress 20140510

Progress 20140508

Progress as at 20140504
These will eventually be a full set of how I did this quilt. If it doesn't turn out nicely then for Pete's sake stop reading this. Until we know what it looks like I will just prattel on.

This if for putting in the middle of pieces of fabric that are about 23cm by 23cm. The idea is to iron the fabric over the stiff cardboard so that you have a good starting point.

See this is the folded fabric. I made 60 of these.

This is put so that each point is at the middle of one of the folded over sides. The paper is then stitched in so that everything is nice and neat.

Fold neatly so that the centre points touch and the outer edges are pretty much in the middle of each side

Paper taken out and then pinned together to stop the flap.

10cm blocks covered in bright fabric

all of the blocks sewn together

Design where the fabric blocks go

Batting for the top fabric

Buttons stolen from shirts. 

See easy peasy, though I do see that I will probably have to take a few more pictures to show some of the tricky bits.

I was asked about the border. Here are two pictures of the border close up.


  1. Hi Kathy, I love your quilt! I stumbled upon your blog looking for tips on making a cathedral window quilt as a memory quilt using my mom's dresses. I like that you folded over the coloured fabric because other tutorials I've seen just put unfinished squares in there and that worries me that they will fray. I want this quilt to last! I'm also intrigued by the batting. Did you use a layer of batting for the big colours and small coloured blocks? Awesome quilt. Thank you.

    1. Hi Juliet
      I used batting for both set of blocks. I found that it stabalised the coloured blocks. I also wanted this quilt to last and Could not see how the whole thing would not disintegrate without some sort base. I also stitched in the bottom fabric. I did this as an afterthought. I found that I needed to get the points together first and the afterwards stitch down the inner blocks.

    2. Great, thank you for your reply. I think I'm going to do mine like that. Now just to do a trial one first.

    3. Great, thank you for your reply. I think I'm going to do mine like that. Now just to do a trial one first.

  2. Replies
    1. I The border for the most part is a piece of fabric the I folded over with batting in the middle. I ran out of fabric so I added the corners in matching fabric. I then folded the rough edges in, gave it a little press and then sewed the fron ton the front and the back which I made slightly longer I stitched to the back. I then quilted through all layers. I will take some photos later and put them on this tab.

    2. I have added the photographs.


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