Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Chilling in June

June is here and so is the chilli weather.

This cats have become extremely friendly and can be found most nights doing a cat pile in which we all contribute warmth.

All of the leaves are falling in the garden and our swimming pool looks like a witch's cauldron rather that a sparkling oasis. We retained a new pool cleaning company 2 years ago. The first winter they managed to keep the pool a delightful blue. The romance has obviously faded and the pool looks sad. It seems that you need to change companies annually to maintain the sparkle. The previous pool company and us parted ways after 7 years. The last year that they maintained our pool was a study in green. It was interesting to see how many shades you could get in one pool.

Our pool is the middle one.
I am still cutting up blocks of fabric which will be the basis of my next few quilts. So far, I have 1 and a half tubs of squares. The fun part will be when I heed to sew them to paper. There are still 4 tubs of fabric to go. I will set myself a challenge in getting them done by July.

I am still playing with the family tree. I am trying to find documentation for all of the people in the tree. I have been able to deduce so much from Death notices and grave stones. My heart can break with what pioneer women went through. I wonder if we retain within us the handed down sorrow that they felt?

Hope the top part of the world is enjoying their summer and the bottom half their winter.

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