Saturday, 14 March 2015

Happy Pi day

Happy pi day to one and all. You know how people always say that you never use anything you learnt in Math class in life, well I have used pi frequently to work out how much binding or bias I would need for cushions etc. So I celebrate pi, it has been useful. That is the great thing about quilting, you get to play with geometry.

In the news this week it was sad to see that Terry Pratchet died. He wrote the most amazing books of fiction. He created worlds that were not just a description of his neighborhood. His books were comics in written format. I hope he finds a new story to live.

And secondly. Naughty Jeremy. Young little boys should show some respect and feed old men. When the blood sugar gets low, grumpiness will appear. Hope the BBC chills out and gets over itself. I enjoy watching Jeremy and the other two are quite boring without him, Please sign the petition for the freedom to fracas.

Busy stitching more of the border. It is almost done and then onto the corners. 

It is implementation night at work tonight. So much stress. Hope it goes well.

Have an amazing day!

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