Saturday, 12 September 2015

Progress is being made

Another Saturday morning and progress is being made. I now have 4 blocks and 14 triangles. It is really fun just choosing which block I want to do next. I am keeping the progress report on the Kathy Sampler tab. Summer is sneaking in, with a few days this week being extremely hot. It is cooler now and almost seems that it is going to rain again. We have had early rain this year and it is wonderful to see the garden being green again.

Have an amazing weekend!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Kathy's sampler started

First week on starting my new quilt and progress has been made. I have made 6 of the border triangles and 1 block. 

I have decided to do blocks and triangle together as boredom started to creep in.  I am using alternate coloured background to add some depth to the blocks. 

I am doing the sashing at the same time as the blocks, this was one of the lessons that I learnt whilst doing the Dear Jane. The second lesson was to ensure that all of the paper was out of the pieces and that each piece was re-sized at the end of making it.
Here are two of the triangle, the rest are on my Sampler tab. I will try to add all the pieces as I make them. It is fun to see how a quilt comes together after the fact.

The triangles are being made with contrasting colours. I was shown a cute trick of finding the contrasting colour using Paint.

All you do is highlight an area, and then right click and select the contrast. Now all I need do is find the corresponding colours. I need to see if there is a formula for me to work out which colour I should use for the background to these blocks.

The weather has turned extremely rainy and freezing, all of the lovely peach blossoms are now on the ground. I love the rain as all of the trees are now showing their leaves. The are tiny and as yet have not unfurled. Hopefully they enjoy the cold snap before the heat of summer.
Hope you all have an amazing weekend full of things that you want to do and not just things you have to do.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

September springs in

Happy spring day. I know the equinox only happens in three weeks time, but having looked into it, the popular date for Spring day is today for us people who live in the southern hemisphere.
The Blossoms are glorious in the garden. The choice of quilts to use at night is a bit difficult as  cotton batting is a bit cool and wool and silk batting is too warm. Oh gosh what a lovely delemer. Tonight I think we will once again sleep under the granny's garden quilt as the weather is supposed to be cold again tonight.
Hopefully today I will get to stitch. The last day of August was too busy to even do a few stitches. I have now done 4 of the edge s for my new quilt, and when I do the next two, I think I will try my hand at one of the blocks. Though having just read this sentence I realise, I will need to actually complete the four blocks that I have stitched so that I will have a picture to add to this blog. If you catually see one then I got my act together this afternoon and did some block ironing.
Well I hope that you have all had either a marvelous spring day or an enjoyable start of fall.
Have a good one.

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