Saturday, 26 July 2014

Stash dilemma

I have just had a week of stash dilemma. I have been tempted to go to a quilt show, but, the only reason that I want to go to it, is to buy more fabric. I know that I am getting about 22 yards of fabric for my birthday in two weeks time( I know this as I sat next to my husband and organised the purchase).
What other fabric do I need to add to my stash? This is the dilemma.

The good quilt angel points out that I truly have more fabric than I will probably need for the next 10 years. The good angel also knows that I always ask for fabric for any of the present giving occasions. The good quilt angel also points out that storage of all of this fabric is starting to be a problem. The silly cow also mentioned that if I add any more fabric to some of my tubs, they are going to explode and cause grievous bodily harm. What a horrid thought adding just 1 small fat quarter and your whole sewing area explode.

The bad angel. Yes I did find one that looks like he has a vacuum cleaner as a mouth. This is due to him wanting more and more fabric. Who can ever have enough? Ah the pretty colours... I believe that it is this little bugger that always points out that the current quilt that you are busy with would be complete only by adding a fabric that you don't currently have in your stash. The reality is that the fabric is already in your stash. It is just hiding.
The bad angel has just pointed out that I don't have big flowers to cut down to smaller shapes and make flowers for my granny's garden. Bad angel. The bad angel also spotted this Gecko on Facebook. I really need this shade of green.

Does anybody else have this internal battle? 
I have an amazing fabric collection with hardly any boring colours in it. 

Have an amazing Weekend.

Update: Went to the show. Saw the quilts. Very pretty. So disappointed with the fabric producers. This is what I walked away with.

 See I did not actually buy any more fabric.


  1. Well done with your purchase. A souvenir of the day

    1. I was actually quite angelic. Moda was the only fabric manufacturer there and I was given the tiniest bits of fabric as I signed up to be emailed by them. It is so sad, I would have loved to be tempted to the point of purchasing. The quilts on show were very pretty though.

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  3. Glad you could enjoy the show and not be tempted to overload your stash. It can be fun to use what you have.

    1. Having bought so many different colours for my Dear Jane, I really do have quite a healthy stash. :D


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