Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Orange or yellow?

These are today's contributions to the flower pile. I have never been too sure as to whether this tone fits fully into yellow or actually is yellow.  When I was trying to post this to my Granny's garden tab, it did not want to go peacefully onto the page. 

Does it also drive you crazy when you are just trying to put a picture on a page and it seems to be suddenly possessed?The only cure is to go  to the HTML tab and poke around to make it all better.

I always find that HTML can do my head in with all of it's starts and ends. It is not even neat code that this page produces so there are no nice indentations to follow which brackets belong to which items. 
Well here are some nice yellow or orange inspiration pictures.
They are such warm colours.

I like the lemonny shade of this one. It seems to be rather old fashioned. It is pretty.

and lastly, here are some more delightful daisy-like flowers that also seem to have the problem of not knowing whether they are yellow or orange.

Have an amazing day

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