Friday, 11 July 2014

Be cooler than the Amish

I love the quilts that the Amish make. Their colour choice is amazing and the quilting that they do is awesome. Due to appreciating their quilts, I have read everything that I can find about them.
I was shocked to find that they do their piecing by machine. They reject cars, but create art using mechanical aides. 
All I can say is not cool. Having said not cool, I have found a few items that are pretty cool.  

I love the way the duck is really into his surfing. 

So back to sewing. I actually hand piece due to the Zen like quality of creating stuff by hand.

There is a serious down side to creating quilts by hand and that is the amount of time that it takes to create them.

The other thing is that before you can sew anything you first have to cover paper with fabric.
Here is the tub, full of fabric covered papers and then 2 and a half weeks later all I have left in the tub are the centres for the rest of the flowers.
I have been covering paper again and will need to spend a few more days at this fun part of the process. Clever Amish, I see their wisdom. No matter which way you do it, quilting is fun.

This is an add on. Today I found this picture which I think says it all.

Have an amazing day.

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