Saturday, 19 July 2014

Saturday morning...

This morning I dashed off and took my child for 2nd language lessons. The language she is learning is not used by a very large audience. Listening to people in the office, it may be a good idea for her to learn to speak Hindi.
Though due to the number of people speaking Hindi, I have been working from home.
I need to have quiet to concentrate. Luckily I can connect to work from home. I have managed to accomplish much by sitting quietly by myself.

So, Saturday morning, sitting in the car, covering paper with fabric, I had time to ponder. Normally when I sew, I watch television. This entertains me and keeps the mind quiet. Today's thoughts about the corners of my Granny's garden quilt. My concept of putting barns in these corners may be silly.

If the Barns are barn size, then exactly how big are the flowers. The largest flower in the world grows to a metre in diameter (Rafflesia arnoldii). It even looks like a hexi flower. Now if we say that these are the flowers in a granny's garden, this has two things to worry about.
These flowers smell like rotting flesh, yuck to have that association.  Secondly how big could the barn be. Even a toy barn would be too big. Possibly a lego barn would be the way to go. 

So no I don't think of flowers in my quilt are a metre wide. I always think of them as dahlias. This brings me back to the border. I wanted to have sheep and ducks running around the border. How big would they be logically be. I now have to rethink what I will be doing around the blooms. Either a rethink or stop being logical.

Have an amazing day.

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