Monday, 7 July 2014

Barns for the corner

For the border of my granny garden quilt I am going to do appliqué leaves with farm-like scenes peaking through. The current thing that I am trying to find are barns. My idea is to swamp my mind with all the images that I think will translate well into a corner of a quilt.

 Once I have a maximum input, hopefully I will be able to either put together the best ideas, or choose one that I can work with.

I find this is a good way of problem solving. Try not think about the problem too deeply. In fact if possible distract yourself. When you brain has had time to do all of the required connections it will present you with an answer. You can then pat yourself on the back for being so original in you solution and not having worried about the answer. 
This works about 80% of the time. The other 20% will result in you forgetting that an answer was needed and great stress will ensue when you realised you have let something vital slip. 

Please tell me which bar you like the best. 

 I do think the barn needs to be red.
I also think that my barn will need to have a quilty thing on either the wall or above the door.

 This is a nice shape.
I like the curvy fields.
 I think that the barn needs to be nice and big.
Maybe a silo will be fun to add.   I like the starkness of this one.
 This painting is awesome, but, I don't know if I could do it justice.
 Hope you enjoyed the barns. If you get to see the actual things,  remind yourself that you are lucky to be able to see such amazing structures.

Have an amazing day.

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