Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Irish chain

Have you ever made an Irish chain? I made one and it was an interesting exercise. The inner blocks were fun to quilt and the only thing I feel I did incorrectly was have a border on both the top and the bottom. This caused chaos when trying to match up the two.
It really was not as dramatic as I would have liked. It has all the colours but it does not hurt the eyeballs. I prefer quilts to cause a little pain when you look at them. I think there is too much white for it to get to critical mass .

This is the border that I was talking about. It is most elegant but really a silly thing to attempt. It looks good on the bed, but only for the when the quilt is folded back, just before climbing into bed.

I used wool batting for this quilt. What a glorious substance to hand quilt through. It is really easy to stitch, unfortunately it does not have that much strength so it seems to stretch when you pull the quilt up. Often the sound of threads snapping can be heard. The wool is also gloriously warm. This is definitely a winter quilt.

Here is the links to some of the makings of it.

Hope you make one at some point.

Have an amazing day

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