Friday, 25 May 2012

Q7 Irish chain

Q7 is an Irish chain quilt. I got every colour in a range of fabrics and created my Irish chain. The quilt took such a long time to make as there was a 2 month pause in the middle when we painted the house and then again when I made Manie his birthday quilt. I hand stitched each pice and then hand quilted the whole quilt.I used a wool batting and it has really made the qult soft and warm.  I love the brightness of this quilt.

The dates were as follows:     Design start date     - 1st of April 2011
                               Piecing start date    - 1st July 2011
                               Top completed date    - 4th March 2012
                               Quilting completed    - 25th May 2012Stats                          colours               - 14
                               blocks                - 1500
                               approximate time      - 9 months with spending at least 3 hours a day stitching so that would be approximately 830 hours hand stitching. 
Here is the design:

Here is the actual quilt

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