Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Post long weekend

What is your opiate; this is for all the people that scoff at people that have a religion.

I am weirded out when people are all in your face about their belief system.

I find on facebook especially people are all excited about how much booze they have consumed every weekend and then have a mainstream religion posted in their belief system and state that the book supporting their religious belief is their most funnest book ever to read.
 The biggest problems in this world of ours is that people have not worked out that all these religions that they follow are basically the same one created in the middle east and have caused untold hassles due to tiny differences, but that is going away from what I was thinking and that is if you don't use religion as you opiate what do you use.

I have been known to disappear into books and fantasy world where everything is neat and tidy and sorted within 360 pages. I currently do quilting which is a state of oblivion where all you need to think about is the next stitch whilst staring fixedly at colour and often having the television expound on some disaster, horrific murder, strange disease or whatever other crap I watch. I then get to brag about on this page which nobody gives a damn about, so really it is the highest form of self delusion.  This gets me through the day with the same oblivion that alcohol and a belief system can fills other people with. The rest of my family play computer games and switch off their minds by being heroes, unfortunately the characters they are playing often seep into their real personas which is can be real bitch.
So in conclusion I think I actually am impressed with people who not only say they believe but actually meet up with other people who share their belief system; it may be totally stupid but for the while they do communicate with each other and even in the Catholic service you may not stay for coffee like the Baptist do but you do shake hands of friendship with those around you.

So whatever.

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