Thursday, 3 May 2012

Merry month of May

So May. It always starts so well what with being a public holiday. Yay to comrades that work. I always call myself a worker, mostly because it annoys all the people around me who think they do something interesting and have careers.

Anyway back to May. The sad part of May is that all the long weekends are a thing of the past. April is one of those month where we not only have Easter, but, Human rights day, Freedom day and Workers day, that is one thing about living in the deepest part of dark Africa is that the public holidays are weird and plentiful.
So soon we may have purple hippo freedom day and I will happily stay at home and quilt. Both my husband and I are contractors so we do not get paid for public holidays so that is always a bit annoying.

The next thing is that the trees are now all wearing yellow and red coats and shedding like crazy. The temps are still pretty warm and we have not hauled out the heaters as yet. We have been sleeping under both a woollen and cotton quilt. The thing is houses in South Africa are not insulated against the cold and we leave out windows open at all times so that the kitty cats can come in and out. The cats too have now joined us on the bed for some extra heat whereas in summer they sleep all over the show and don't need to cuddle.

Progress on my Irish chain is going well with only the 2 and half borders left to do and it is taking me about 6 hours a border. I also need to go over each of the inner blocks and un-poof the centres. That will probable take me another 3 hours so 24 hours to go. Se spilt screen and clock going tick tick. Oh how our lives are governed by cinemagraphic iconography...

I got my Dear Jane software and loaded my selection of colours. I did the whole quilt using the colours I though would work , unfortunately the end resul looked like a weird fish. So I just had to go out and buy a tiny bit more fabric (only 3 metres in quarter metre bits (12 qaurters) so now I need to rescan the fabrics reload and try again. I will do this inbetween  doing the borders. Yesterday my youngest mentioned a strange fish in response to my whining about the fact that the colour choice looked like a fish, so here it is - itis called an axolotl and yes it is for real.

Well hope you have a pleasant May.

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