Friday, 1 June 2012

June is here

June is here. Five months of this year have whizzed by and now here we are 3 weeks to go to the start of winter or actually the longest night of the year.

We are all now sleeping under 2 quilts and the kitties have learnt a new appreciation of snuggling up to their human family members. The biggest problem they currently have is static. The short hair keep his fur under control by jumping into the basin every morning after my husband has shaved. The poor long hair is running around and having a bad hair day almost everyday. Poor girl!

Last month I finished the Irish chain which is amazingly loud and warm. I started on my Dear Jane but once I had done the first two blocks I realised that the tea stain colour that I had bought for the background was just the wrong tone and bleached the colour out of the yellow blocks, I went out and bought some white and now there is an order to the States to get a bolt of S28 arctic white. I may use the tea stain fabric as my sashing.  


Two week end ago we went down to the bush and it was amazing. I just did not like the drive or the yucky mining towns that we had to drive through to get there. The animals were great and I almost want to do a wall hanging using some of the pictures of the elephants and hippos that were taken. but that will be later once I get bored with making the Dear Jane blocks.

Work is fine at the moment except that all of the initiators have been drain for month-end and currently my job is sitting in position 31.

Keep warm or cool and have a good one.

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