Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy the mothers day

Thanks to my whole family for the amazing presents and the fun that we had yesterday. I was spoilt rotten with a huge amount of fabrics and notions. I will be using all of the fabrics in my Dear Jane quilt. I need to scan in all the fabrics and then see where I am going to use them. I think that there are at least 150 fabrics so zowwee wowwee the quilt is going to be fun.

I have now completed all four side of my Irish chain quilt and have the four corners as well as the centres to do. I am no longer freaking out about the completion as I can see the end. I am still designing the Dear Jane and We may be going away this coming weekend. I don't know if my poor husband will be able to be brave enough to leave DIABLO III behind after only having it for 3 days. Now we know that a good game will have between 64 and 120 hours play so this game will have to be left in suspended play whilst we are away from the house.

The biggest worry I have is that we are going to have to put the two spoilt kitties into a kennel for 2 nights. These cats truly believe that they too are human. Well we do love them and they are members of the family and they are just not human cos they really are not annoying like the rest of us. My youngest will be bringing along her kindle and other electronic game thing so at least for the first day we should have a happy teenager and there after we will have to see.

I mustn't laugh at them as by day 2 I will probably also be climbing the walls if I don't sneak some sewing or knitting along. Tonight we have to take the kitties to have their de-worming and shots done as the kennels wants a certificate showing that the kitties are not going to bring in strange things. Hopefully it all goes well. I was nagged to apply for the job that I currently do. There were 5 positions created for the various bits of my work. Well, when I did apply, I was told that I could stay as a contractor, I don't know whether this is a good or bad thing. At least my salary will not be cut now, but who knows how long I will keep my contract. I think that I was too old, too pale and spoke the wrong language. Well who cares life happens as it happens.

The temperature in our room was 10 degrees this morning and finally I broke drown and hauled out the heater and used it. I know it was 10 degrees as the heater display the temperature. I think it so that you can be impressed by the warmth it creates. The weather looks like its going to get colder and colder as the week goes by. I think that winter is trying to show itself.

Keep warm wherever you are.

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