Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday and tidying has occured

I have spent most of today organising my fabric. I have come to the conclusion that for now I have sufficient fabric to make many more quilts. I have receive fabric as presents from each member of my family for the past few birthdays and Christmas'.

I started making quilts on the 1st of January 2009 and my Dear Jane quilt will be the 10th quilt that I have made. So with this slow rate of production, I feel that I probably have sufficient fabric to keep me going for at least another 5 years or another 10 quilts. I don't know if anyone else ever feels overwhelmed by how easily a sewing room can get messed up?

I have had a sewing room for 3 years. The only way I achieved this was due to my eldest daughter moving out. She was already 26, and holding an honours degree so it was not as if I threw her out, without first preparing her for the world. She lives 1 km away so I still see her often.

Before having this space; I had given up my craft room to make space for my youngest child who is 14 years younger than her sister. All of my supplies and sewing machines were stored wherever there was space available. The whole house was happy for me to move the art and fabric supplies into a single room.

The photos show various pictures of the sewing room. As you can see from the space shown I definitely could never fit in a long-arm quilting machine. It is just as well that I enjoy doing my quilting by hand. Hope everyone had an amazing Sunday.

Have a good one.

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