Saturday, 15 June 2013

Schlocks made

The family has had a group project and we all got together to make schlocks. These are fleecy socks to run around the house in. We had one or two technical problems (if you don't cut fleece in the correct direction it doesn't stretch) which cause us to have to remake half of the batch again. The full effort took us 3 hours to make 5 pairs.

Dear Jane's progress was a bit slow this week what with having to go fetch a replacement for our smart TV that went funny. The poor thing was only 9 months old and decided to have a wonky picture  and smoke coming out of its back. It was still under guarantee but the trouble with living in a third world country is that you have to be quite firm on getting your first world habits satisfied. In the end we got a new set that had the same specs as the one that blew up. This however took up stitching time. The other thing is that is currently pretty chilly here and we always seem to hibernate during the coldest part of winter. We can't complain seeing as we only normally have about 8 weeks of chilliness.

Now Jane has 5 rows.

This weekend is a three day one which will be grand.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.
I have added some chick fabric in a homage to the fact that the original Jane was made on a farm.

Have a good one!

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