Saturday, 22 June 2013

Dear Jane - 6 rows together

So another week and another row attached to the Dear Jane. Now I have 6 rows and I am now working on the middle row.What a long and arduous task it is to attach the sashing.

The thing is it is not just a quick stitch of fabric to fabric, what it is actually is a quality control exercise.

I have had to realign some of the squares on new paper so as to get the squares nicely in place. I then stitch on the white fabric and depending on where the block is going to ( the edge or the middle) I cut out a new piece of paper according to the stripes I need.  This then ensures that all of the blocks are the same size.

The kitty decided to come outside whilst we were taking the picture of the quilt.

Have a good one.


  1. Attaching the binding sounds like a great time to get all the blocks the same size. Slow and tedious, but worth the effort for consistency.

  2. Oh Kathy. Your Dear Jane blocks are just gorgeous. I found the link under your header and looked at the photos of each block. Beautiful!


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