Friday, 21 June 2013

Happy Winter Soltice

Today is our Winter Solstice. The official time for it is June 21 2013 at 5.04 AM UTC
Just think, summer is on its way back to us! I used to quite uptight about the fact that the winter solstice was the beginning of winter. After a few years of thinking about it I realize that my logic was flawed as the cold normally really sets in, in the middle of May and by August the blossoms start showing on the peach trees in the garden. So even though it was fun being all huffity and academically correct that Winter solstice is referred to as the start of winter, I have now joined the popular opinion that the first of May is the start of winter and that June 21st is the middle of winter. It could all be down to the fact that I am getting older and find the winter a whole lot less fun.
 I do live in a place where we have the most temperate climate in the world. The summers occasionally peak at 32 Degrees and winter we sometimes get down to zero. Brrrr.

I like the winter solstice as it was on this day that I met my husband. I had heard about him from people I worked with as to the fact that I reminded them of him. Eventually a dinner was organized as I think they wanted the two of us to have a pig headed argument about something. (We are both opinionated and not afraid to have those opinions heard) What actually happened is that we agreed with each other on most topics and only go to war on silly things. We got married 3 month later on spring equinox. We have now known each other for 17 winter solstices. Due to us having met on a solstice and getting married on an equinox, I have felt empathy toward the quarters that define our relationship with the sun.

A happy summer solstice to all the people living in the northern hemisphere and sorry but we want to hog the sun again.

Have a good one!

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