Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy father's day to my dear husband and Happy father's day to all the men that are dedicated to their children.

I was looking for pictures to make this post sparkle and I was very amused at all of the symbolism that is associated with being a father.
To be a father in the world of symbols you would need to smoke a pipe whilst sailing a huge yacht, just after winning a race in a sports car that you got to on a train that you drove whilst wearing gingham and an overall.

It is the same as the strange expectations that are out there in romantic book and movie land, of what makes a good husband. I think it would be horrid to actually live with the men portrayed. Let's not even go into what makes the fantasy wife.

So I would like to state that to me a hero is a man that knows the importance of family. A hero is a man who will go out earn a living. A hero is a man that will put up with the stress of a corporate job and not get sucked into the falsehood that surround it. A hero is a man that will be faithful and caring. So to my husband, I would like to say that you are my Hero and thanks for being a great Dad!

Have a good one!

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