Monday, 1 April 2013

April is here

So a quarter of the year has slipped by. Autumn seems to have come to the garden with the leaves deciding it is time to do their final swan song before falling to the ground. It has started to be cooler which is a great thing. It seems that we are now waking before the next door neighbours chickens as well as all the little birds that live in our garden. The sun is off to it's northern vacation. Hope spring comes to the north as the news shows horrid temperatures still.

The counter is at 2161 which is an amazing number and still only 2 comments *Sigh*.

I read this morning that You Tube was shutting down and no longer accepting videos. It will be re-opening again in 2023.
The I tried Goggling and google crashed. Who boy maybe the internet is broken.

Happy April fool portion of the post. :D

Easter has been a fun time off work, though any time spent at home is always amazing. My contract has just come to an end and my new contract is only for three months. This is the problem with working for a company that is mostly owned by an overseas company, the bad economy bites everyone. Life will happen and this is one of those things that I have no control over, so hey, what is the use of fretting.

I have been working diligently on Dear Jane's Triangle and only have the blue triangle and the Kites to go. Having finish 213 of the 225 blocks, I am now 95% finished with creating the blocks that make up the quilt. Hopefully this month I can finish off the remaining blocks and then start with the sashing of all of the blocks.

Hope everyone had a grand Easter and enjoys April.

Have a good one.

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