Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a stunning Easter and read into it whatever you want. Coming from the Southern Hemisphere I have never got the spring, rebirth connection seeing as the weather at this point is all miserable and all the leaves are dying and falling off the trees, but I know the Northern
Hemisphere where all of the belief systems originated, it is an amazing thing for Spring to have arrived. Watching the news however it does not seem too eager to start in many places in the north.

We are having a five day break (with
only a little bit of work happening from home) and intend to do as many triangle on my Dear Jane as possible. They are coming along nicely and I will next be adding the sashing around each of the block. I am going to remove the papers at that point and reposition each of the squares on a new piece of paper. Stitching by hand really does make you come up with strange solutions.

I have started thinking about my next project. I know I still have months to go on this quilt, but seeing as I only allow myself one project at a time, the anticipation of the next one can be amazing. I am vacillating between doing a dragon wall hanging or spending the time doing my own design quilt. I will no doubt lose sleep worrying about this. This is part of the process and as much fun as anything else in quilting.

Please add a comment so that I can see where you are from.

Hope everyone has a happy happy time.

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