Monday, 8 April 2013

Dear Jane progressing

Wow can you believe it, I have only two triangles to go. Then the corners and that means all of the blocks are done. The easter weekend sure gave a boost to finishing the triangles. I have enjoyed making the triangles even though they took a lot long seeing as each piece needed to go in the correct place as they have been designed to take into account the sloping edges. I also used the coloured triangles that will be going inbetween the pieced ones when i scanned them in so that I could see what the end product would look like.

I am now pondering on the sashing as this will be the next step in the creation of my Dear Jane. I have decided on the same white as used within the quilt, but still have a question for the little blocks created at the intersection of the sashing blocks.  I found two pictures showing what I mean.  
The current ponderings is what would it look like with a multi-colored raindow of little blocks inbetween. I will have to use a spreadsheet and try out this idea. I don't suppose I need the extra colour, but, I will think upon this.

Have a good one.

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