Friday, 12 April 2013

Dear Jane progress - Triangles done

Yay yay the triangles are done.  The triangles started on the 21st of January and finished on the 12th of April, they took me 81 days to do which works out about right as it took about 2 days per triangle.
I added quite a few butterfly and other pretty fabrics. The in-between fabric is a Kona solids in the various colours.

Next I will be doing the corners and then the long process of getting rid of all the pieces of paper and adding the sashing. I decided agains inter-gap coloured blocks as the quilt is quite bright as is.

Have a good one


  1. Congratulations. What a great accomplishment

  2. It looks beautiful, kind of glows. I don't envy you the job of taking out all the little bits of paper :)

  3. Thanks, The corners are also bit of a concern,


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