Wednesday, 6 June 2012

the 6th of the 6th

SO today is a cute date what with it being the 06 of the 06 and if you add that together you get the 12 thereby making 060612. See now that is the logic that has kept me employed for the last 34 years writing computer systems.

I have started making my Dear Jane quilt. I made 2 blocks and then realised that the backing was yuck. I have now remade them and added a few more. It is fun but shew the pieces are tiny, I think that these blocks will require Extra Zen to be added, there may even be the need for burning incense. I will post the pictures at the bottom of this post.

The weather is now officially cold, but, I am still wearing summer clothes in the office as the brain trust that runs the thermostat is keeping it at a sweltering 26 degrees c or 80 degrees f. This is what the temperature looks like for the rest of the week. Brrrrrrr.
We need to go out and buy another heater as the bedroom's ones switch blew up and I stole the study one.
I cut my hair, this is actually a big deal as my hair was very log about 2 feet down my back, unfortunately I was looking like a weird witchy type person, once you are over 50 it becomes dangerous in how you wear your hair. I kept on thinking that I looked like my mother when she was 65 ish. so now it is all short and bouncy. It was funny at the hair dresser, once the had cut the hair it almost seemed to be a big enough pile to look like a small animal.

Hope you all enjoy the 6th of the 6th and keep warm wherever you are.

These are the blocks that I have done so far in June


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