Monday, 18 June 2012

Happy Fathers day

Wishing my dear Husband a Happy fathers day. I need to thank him for being such a cool dad.

This weekend I spent Saturday making a Alice McGee pinafore for my eldest to wear to a fancy dress party. I find it so amusing that 21st birthday parties have to be fancy dress and have a theme, I would have thought that being a @!st then surely 21 would be the theme with all the associated shlock of keys and champagne and all the other guff. Personally I had just come back from an overseas trip which I paid for and had German Measles which I thought was hilarious that I had caught in Germany. I didn't have a huge party but my sister who is 3 years older did the whole think including the having a lamb on the spit...I think animals on a spit is a pretty gross thing to do.
With my sisters sacrifice , the heavens opened and the were many rush tarpaulin being erected around it. Even though this happened 35 years ago I can still remember the rain and mud being shlocked into the house and covering the kitchen and dining room floors. For my eldest she took her friends to a casino and they all enjoyed being adults by gambling and drinking too much, now that is a good way to declare that you are an adult.
I have been doing my Dear Jane blocks and gee whiz they are a pain in the Tookhes. I am doing them way slower that I thought I would. I decides to do a few of the same colour so that I didn't have to have 300 colours available in my work bag. This is going to cause the progress to be working from the outside in.
The weather has been horrid, but we are only a week away from the longest night and that is the official start of winter, but in reality it is the slide down to summer. Hee ha.

Keep warm where ever you are and have a good one

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