Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to one and all and I hope you get all that you wished for.

This is in my sewing room, which is now the kittens bedroom. I normally take this out and hang it in the lounge. This year however, with the kittens, decorations are at a minimum as they tear around the house like little monsters. 
The older cat is on my bed moaning about the messy children. She has come a long way and no longer just hates the babies. She has been trying to clean them, but they are just too fast. 
The dinner table has it's normal Christmassy cloth on it. The kittens have pulled it off twice so far. At this rate they will need to be in their room, when we serve dinner later.
The kittens found a box and are doing the normal things that cats do when they find boxes. This is one of the pictures where both cats could be seen. The little girl was hiding inside the box, whilst the little boy attacked.
Dishes where being done and the little boy was doing inspections. He really is a lot different from his sister. If anything is opened he jump inside. He is totally exhausted at night whereas his sister is still going strong.
He is also a total boy when he is tired and pathetically  mews that he needs cuddles and he is sore and out of sorts.

 I found these images and they are fun.

Have a good one!

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