Monday, 22 December 2014

Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer solstice. I hope you have enjoyed summer so far this year and that the temperatures have not been too severe. The summer rainfall in our area is always such a relief. 

The garden is looking amazing, green has kicked in and there are flowers sprinkled around.

Watching the babies playing in the garden
The baby cats are settling in. Our brown and fluffy cat has toned down the hating and only hisses once she has kissed the babies hello. She is 12 years old so I think she has earned the right to be a grumpy old lady. I will share pictured of the babies at the bottom of the post. The little boy is a total character. His antics are hilarious.

I have finished shopping for Christmas, though this year I have tried to keep it low-keyed. I saw a new word on the news, Excessmas. It says so much. It is not that I feel that a religion should celebrate the change of season, but, I have never thought excess was needed either. This may be due to the fact that I live a comfortable life and don't need to wait for major holidays to get the things that I have been denying myself. It may also be due to getting older and wiser.

I have been sewing my Grannies garden. I have sewed the bottom 4 rows together, What a repetitive task. Sewing 1 inch, park the needle, remove the paper, re-position and repeat. There are 203 flowers that I am sewing together and at least 12 planes for sewing. It reminds me of the song..Inchworm inchworm.

I have now spent more than an hour trying to find the song that I could hear in my head. The trouble is either my brain is hearing incorrectly or making up stuff. I really thought is was Super tramp. I did find this song and it is awesome. 

Here are some arb pictures of the kitties.
discovering green stuff

riding the fan

The watering system

climbing the curtains
Have an amazing day!

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