Monday, 30 June 2014

Quilt bombing

I have been seeing a whole lot of cars covered in quilts. I think it is an amazing concept. If someone could yarn-bomb a sub-marine then surely we should all be quilt-bombing objects, like cars.
Here is a picture of the yarn-bombed sub-marine, I think it looks quite fetching in orange. Far less angry than the normal grey that they get shown in. Click on the picture if you want to see the original post.

I have a huge tub of extra blocks that I have made for each of the quilts that I have constructed. I think it shows that I don't exactly plan as well as I should. I also change my mind when it comes to things like the back of quilts and borders.
I have tried to do the thing that I have seem many other quilters do and that is throw their extra bits together and hey presto an amazing quilt appears. I have tried to do this and all that I achieved was a slight feeling of nausea as the cacophony of colours and shapes bombarded my eyeballs. I will quickly take a picture and share. Should you feel bad, just think, I did warn you. I got bored with making a mess,but, I am sure you can see what I mean.
So now I think covering unsuspecting cars may just be the way to go. I have found a whole lot of examples to inspire. Should anyone who own these delights, view them here, I hope you don't mind me sharing your genius.

Muscle car!
 mom's taxi
 Nice bug. I love the soft colours. See how nice this is, I have a horrid feeling that if I made a quilt for my car, I would get a fine for lewd behaviour.
This one looks like Cadillac

Hope you will join me in this concept. I think it is the way to go.

Have an amazing day


  1. I have never been tempted to cover the outside of my car. I have however, seriously considered some internal upholstery. Nice images though. It is nice that other people are crazier than me!

    1. Crazy should be celebrated where ever we may find it :D


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