Sunday, 29 June 2014

Granny's garden progress

Work on the granny's garden is now in its 3rd week and progress is slow. I have covered a whole lot of paper and made 22 flowers. I need to make at least 218 so I am currently at 10%. I have only covered enough papers to make 40 flowers, so I will need to cycle back into covering paper with fabric.

I have  once again used the same tub that I used for Dear Jane. These flowers are slightly smaller, to finish the top without a border this tub will need to be filled to the top with flowers.

I have a cedar block in with the blocks. This is just for the fun of it and to make sure that the flowers are not snacked on before they appear on a bed. I hope it doesn't get snacked on once it is a full quilt, but that is a whole different concern.

I once again am keeping stats on progress. I think having worked in the corporate world for too many years has corrupted my mind. There is a bit of satisfaction seeing progress being made.
When I took off work to have my youngest, I did a cross-stitch picture every 20 days. This was done due to pressure I put on myself. I try to be zen and one day I may even achieve this.

I am looking a barns as I want to do an appliqué border and if you have flowers then surely you should be able to have a barn in the corners. Barns are gorgeous and they are one of those things I would love to have. I have always lived in the suburbs and probably always will so I will just collect pictures of them.

Hope you make progress on whatever project you are currently working on.

Have an amazing day.


  1. Great start to your project. I am always amazed at how goal oriented you are. It is going to be a beautiful quilt.

    1. It is fun. I really do try to take a more relax approach, unfortunately my personality get's in the way. At least my personality also makes sure that all the corners meet. Have you joined my facebook page, it is my latest thing to amuse myself. :D


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