Sunday, 8 June 2014

Cathedral window finished

Cathedral Window wall hanging
The Cathedral window wall hanging is now complete and hanging in the dining room.

I thought I needed something quick and easy between doing my Dear Jane and the next quilt. I have actually started the next quilt and the decision was, now wait for it..... A Granny's Garden with appliqué around the border.

The decision was partly due to have been given quite a few jelly rolls and thinking this would be a stylish way to use them. The hexies are going to be 7/8th of an inch or 2 cm so they will be fun.

Sleeve and wood
Back to the hanging up of the Cathedral window. This is the sleeve that I stitched on the back of the wall hanging. The wood was a wedge shaped piece of wood we picked up at the DIY store. Who knows what it should actually be used for. It looked like something that should be part of hanging up a quilt, so it was purchased.

Husband Drawing on the wall
This is my husband drawing on the wall, with wood bit and bubble thing showing...Ok a spirit level. Spirit level, bubble thing, (same thing) whatever the name is, as long as it does the job. When I was single I used to enjoy going into a hardware store to find the things I needed. I grew up in a house where all of the home maintenance articles were present. The thing is that I never did learn the name of things even though I knew how to used them.
Quilt level

I see the levelling thing did work as it should as the quit is obviously on the level.

I had a whole lot of labels made. I added one onto the back of the wall hanging.

Wall friends
The wall hanging and its companion. Hope they enjoy living in close proximity to each other.
Have an amazing day!

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