Saturday, 21 June 2014

Happy Winter/Summer Solstice 2014

Happy Winter/Summer Solstice. All I can say is yay and that our Sun is coming home. I hope it enjoyed it's little European vacation but it is time to come back where we allow it to shine. 

I used to be hung up that the Solstice was the beginning of Winter (which academically it is), but, in all reality it is in the middle and winter is on it's way out.

The thing is that we live in a summer rainfall region, so winter is quite horrid, with everything dead and brown. Veld fire happen all the time and static can make you electrocute yourself.

I find it amazing how quickly the sun starts coming up earlier and earlier. I can just think of over the horizon when it will be warm and the air quality will be good.

I hope all in the North enjoyed the closer tilt towards the sun. Get prepared for freezing cold and we need the sun down here.

Have an amazing day.

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