Saturday, 24 August 2013

Blossoms on the trees

The peach tree now has an amazing amount of blossoms. I like to believe that once the blossoms arrive, then spring is definitely on it's way. The only problem is that although the blossoms are here the rest of the garden seems to have died in the last week. This is due to the fact that it is more than 4 months since we have had any rain and even the most hardy of trees have lost their leaves. 

My whole family have been fighting a flu bug and this has been miserable, luckily we all seem to be getting better. 

My sulk with my dear Jane quilt seems to be over and I fussed it today to remove all of the messy bits of thread and fabric that I could see. I still found one piece of paper hiding on the back. I am sure that when I start quilting, I will find the inevitable piece that will be hiding in the most annoying of places. 

I put in an order for a set of General's fabric pencils. I have no idea how they work but I saw someone's markings for quilting, on Facebook. I was told what they were and after phoning the various quilt shops in this country I did my standard thing and ordered on-line. This is all part of doing quilting in Africa. The pencils cost $2 and the postage was $15 so to make it feel better I also ordered 2 more king size cotton battings. This will now guarantee that I will make at least 3 more big quilts. 

I still have not settled on what I am going to do for the backing of my Dear Jane , but I will just have to wait and see. There is a quilt show on the 7th of September so I will see if I can find something there. I added 8 more pieces to the Dear Jane and that was the corner bits that will be used to make the scollops. I was going to wait until later but decided to get them on now. I went with light blue which does not fit into the whole rainbow montage', but, sometimes you just have to say, hey.

This is one of the birds that live by our pool. I am sure you can see how horrid the grass looks. 

Hope everyone has a grand weekend.  

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