Thursday, 1 August 2013

August blows in...

August is here and so are the winds.

I like august as the blossoms appear in this month. The weather is currently horridly cold in the mornings and this will need to pass soon if I am going to see peach blossoms on the 10th. The poor grass that was green until now seems to have turned brown overnight and will probably stay this way until we get our summer rains in a few months time. We have had no rain since the 2nd of May and the static situation is at a ridiculous range. When walking through the house each time you pass a door frame too closely you get the multi sparkles instead of just single strikes. I feels almost like being a walking Faraday cage Where I am the mesh.

My sister and I both have birthdays in August. We were born a day apart and had daughters who were born a day apart. Synchronism is sometimes fun in the arbitrary way it shows up. Though my birth could have been explained by my mother having toddlers over to her house for my sisters birthday whilst being very pregnant; I was then born the next day. I think that is why my sister had most of her birthday celebrations on my birthday. It is amazing how many decades sibling rivalry can continue for. I am now old and wise and can see the funny side of it when my father waits until her birthday to phone me and wish me well for my birthday. I suppose she has had 3 more birthdays than me so why remember extra info. Though in reality one year I did forget about his birthday for two days.

This month my plan for my Dear Jane is to finish the borders and then attach them to the centre. I still have not decided what I am going to do about the backing. I think that it should not be too dark as there is so much white in the front that it may shine through. I think I am going to use the cotton batting. I currently have an Irish chain which has wool batting and we use it during winter as it really is a lot warmer than the cotton batting quilts. I think then we can have the dear Jane as our light and breezy quilt for summer.

I am gathering together inspiration for my next quilt. I think it will be slightly smaller as I have a wall in my dining room that needs some colour.

Have a great August. 

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