Sunday, 1 September 2013

September and now it is Spring?

Can you believe it; September is here. This year has sped by, but I do think it is an age thing or a busy thing. Whatever the cause it seems that every time I look up it is a new month.

My husband's family had a tradition of jumping into the pool on the 1st of September, to acknowledge the start of spring. This year the temperature first thing this morning was 1 degree below freezing and is only going to get to 14 degrees Celsius. In my mind that is cold and swimming would just be silly. 
My eldest daughter and her boyfriend did scuba diving yesterday when it was even colder, but I suppose if you are wearing a wet suit it would be a bit better. I will pass no further judgement on doing strange hobbies, seeing as I cut up fabric, just to reattach it again in different configurations. So maybe jumping into bodies of water and swimming around is not that weird.

I think we may reconsider the swimming thing on the 20th when it is the actual spring equinox. The peach trees now have their new leaves and a few blossoms left.

My dear Jane is sitting in a bag looking all neglected. I did play with the fabrics that I had as backing, but, I was about a meter short and all of the extra fabrics that I could have used did not do justice to a backing for a Dear Jane. The IQC Africa happens next week so I will wait until then to see what I can find at the show. 
I was given a booklet of vouchers, which my husband created, with each voucher being redeemable for 1 fat quarter. This was due to me wanting to get fabric from the show for my birthday present and the show being a month after my birthday. This was just fun as I am always spoilt with vast amount of fabric no matter what.

 Due to being bored whilst waiting for the backing, I have broken one of my fundamental principals. This is starting with a new quilt before finishing the previous one. Well at least I have started with the preparation work.
There is a huge amount of folding and prep work to be gone through. See the embarrassment that I am feeling in not even wanting to name what I am doing. Well it is ummm a cathedral window. Being a hand stitcher I am ironing and then tacking, more ironing and then more tacking.
I made my sister a set of cushions with cathedral window insets about 15 years ago and I thought it would make an interesting wall hanging. At least it is keeping my fingers busy.

I hope September turns out to be a quiet month and that countries around the world do not go to war. Once again being cynical it would keep more people employed in the military. The news has been preparing the world for this over the past few months. Ok enough politics.

I watched a TV series showing Zombies, it was really good and had me thinking as to whether it was just a story or whether the creator of the series was trying to be deep and have a socio-economic discussion. Coming from Africa I could definitely relate with what was being said.
I must say though that prior to watching the show; zombies had always creeped me out whereas now I think they are seriously amusing. I have even found cute memes that show the zombie wave that is sweeping the pop culture. Seeing as I love both minions and Hello Kitty I was amused to find both in zombie form.

Have a stunning September.

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  1. Hello Kitty and minions as zombies is hysterical. Happy Spring to you as we in the other hemisphere are saying hello to autumn and shortly after that our infamous Canadian winter. Stay well


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