Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The end of January

So now January is at a close and still 10 months and 7 days until leave in December or 1 Month depending on whether my job is deemed necessary.

January saw the completion of the blocks for the front of an Irish chain and pinwheels for the back of the Irish chain.

The swirl quilt was revisited as more quilting was needed and as at the end of January all of the diamonds have had a line quilted through them and now only the border needs more stitching. I am thinking of adding leaves and flowers onto the border as the border is supposed to be a brick wall around the garden (the swirl) and walls always get flowers growing over them.

The mood at work is a bit suckish as the future for most of us is uncertain.

Here's hoping.

Well let us hope that February turns into a good month filled with love and cheer.

Have a good one.

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