Friday, 20 January 2012

Q7 Irish chain

This is quilt in a bag, this is achieved by dilligently covering pieces of paper with material and then sewing them together. To get the best results make sure that all of the blocks that you sew together are all of the same size so that they look like a nice stack of pretty colour.

This is what it looks like when it spills out of the bag. In the picture you can see the empty bag. The cat named spiley. The pattern, Pinwheels for the back of the quilt and various bits of the quilt.
 The cat testing the crinkely sounds made by the papers covered with fabric.
 The cat giving his 2 cents worth about the colours chosen and the quilt so far. I think his biggest concern is not knowing which will be on his corner of the bed and whether all the colours actually go with his hair colour. Oh my it is a tough world for a ginge.
 Oh my gosh... Spike realizes he is gorgeous and his concerns were not needed. This is his best coy act.
So this is where it stand as at the beginning of 2012. I had better hurry seeing as we are being theatened with the end of the world in 335 days. I we are going back to the stone ages then yay for being able to create bedding. Though being able to grow food would make Spikey a whole lot happier.

Have a good one.

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