Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Covering a stool

This weekend we re-covered a stool that has been in the family since 1890. The stool was used on the farm in years gone by. The first thing I did was strip off the layers of previous covers. This was a seriously gross exercise as all the filth from each decade came floating into the air and made my hands soo grubby that I needed to wash them off every few minutes. The first stuffing was straw with a subsequent update in the 70's being foam rubber. Both were horrid.

The slats of the stool had totally disintegrated and in the 70's re-cover two planks of wood had been screwed to the bottom to stop any person sitting on the stool from falling through. We removed all of the previous grossness and re-did the slats properly

Our cat currently believes she owns the stool as this is where she sits when we are all in the study playing on our computers.

The stool all by itself in the sunshine ready for the next 25 years before somebody else starts poking at it's insides.

Spikey not looking particularly impressed. He decided that in the middle of the desk was a much better place to sit as this affords the most attention.

Have a good one!

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