Sunday, 22 November 2015

Into year-end Freeze

I know, we are experiencing extremely warm weather. Actually we received rain and it has been delightfully cool here. The year-end freeze that I am talking about is at work, where no changes are allowed at the end of the year. This is always a goal post, to ensure that you have nothing just before hand that will cause chaos! So far so good. I have already started fiddling with things that will go into production in the middle of January. 

My brain has been in a bit of a whirl. I need to be a witness at a trial. It is 4 hours drive from my house and I will probably need to spend the night there. My husband and I have only spend a few nights apart and the only time that I did not see him for a day was when he went to a horrid Microsoft conference. We have now been together for 19 and a half years and this is something that I like. 

The place that I am going to is where my grandparents are from and this has sparked a wild looking around at the picture that I have of them. By the time I was born, only my paternal grandfather was around. I have been playing with the idea of having an Ancestor blog. Hopefully I will actually do this well enough to be able to have a decent record.

I have finished another block. So slow. This does happen when you lose the zen like calm needed to be creative.

Hope you all have an amazing week.

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