Tuesday, 1 December 2015

HO HO Holidays

Just 12 more days to go and then Summer holidays... I am so looking forward to it. We will be at home, and oh how much fun we all have when we are home together. I will hopefully get some sewing in.

This last month was a bit of a disaster where making blocks is concerned. I always find that November is not a good month for doing anything that requires concentration. I normally make Christmas tree decoration or something else fun. This year, I have been playing with Ancestors.
I do not have huge ambitions of trying to follow my genetic contributors from the point that they came out of a cave. My ambition is actually quite modest. The time frame that I am looking at is only 180 years. This covers the period where most of my ancestors left England and came to Africa.

Click on picture to have a look
This is part of the problem. Although record keeping was not a problem, digitizing said documents seems to be almost insurmountable. I have started a new blog on which I am sharing what I find. It is still quite chaotic, but I can see that eventually I will be able to solve the riddle of my ancestors.

My mother told me tale when I was a child. This was a very long time ago and I have overlaid these memories with a whole lot of other sound bytes. I was also the youngest child so these stories were seldom told to me directly.

I think that is why I am trying to write it down, I not trust oral histories.
The other thing is that history always reflects the teller.... 

Hopefully I will found out lots of details. What I have realized is that settlers of any country certainly lived the saddest lives of all. I find myself being quite moved by their struggles. If you would like you may have a read. It is as I say very rough.

I will spend some of my holiday time on this project and more blocks.... I need to get back to making blocks.

Hope you are all having amazing weather and have great projects to keep you entertained.

Have a good one!!

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