Sunday, 1 November 2015

Remember, remember it is only November

Poor November, it is the totally forgotten Month. Christmas has invaded our consciousnesses in all that we see and do. At this point of the year burn-out has occurred and the last six weeks before the year end break have to be gotten through.Though, today is the first day that I have had a permanent job since 1985. 
Today the three month probation for a permanent job has finished, and the company for whom I have worked for the last 10 year can't get rid of me without having to do a whole lot of paper work. The thing is: Have I worked harder being a contractor in the last 30 years? Being employed as a contractor, you have to prove that you are a necessary expense, otherwise, you soon find yourself looking for the next contract.
There is a certain symmetry in me now being employed. I worked for 7 years for a specific company, before going out and selling my brain on an ad-hoc basis. This company then left this country. It has now returned, I am now working for it again and I have 7 years work before I reach retirement age. The 10 years that I have put in here is the longest that I have worked anywhere. Hopefully I can make a few more years...

Maybe this is why I think of November being the worst of months. The year is almost over, people are running scared that if anything goes wrong now, their December holidays will be messed up. I love having the year end break. Even if we do not go anywhere, the time at home is amazing.

I have been chugging along with blocks for my quilt. I am currently lacking motivation. The heat here is of the ridiculous range. To stay cool I am hugging a fan. This is always fun when you stitch by hand. The thread flutters each stitch that you make and creates the most glorious knots every five stitches or so. Well that is how it goes trying to quilt in summer.

Happy Halloween for last night and happy Guy Fawkes day in 4 days time. Have a good one.

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