Saturday, 29 August 2015

New projects gets ready to start - Kathy's sample quilt

The start of a project
After so much procrastination, I am ready to start my next major project. It will be a sampler. I will be taking blocks from where-ever I find them and hopefully at the end of the day the quilt will be awesome. I like the sashing and on-point from the farmers wife, so this has been incorporated. 

This is last year's birthday present
I always enjoy having a border, so this will be included. Currently I have a border added, but, I very much doubt this is what it will look like in the end. This will be a design in progress until I am actually finished.
The colours for the block backgrounds
 I went shopping today to get the sashing fabrics as well as some muted colours for the background portion of the blocks. I am trying to only use solid colours. It will be a stretch for me. I will try and see if I can do this.
 I am going to be documenting this quilt in the same way that I did the Dear Jane. I will show each pattern piece as well so that if you want to make any of the blocks, you can just take the pattern piece and copy it. The Kathy's sampler quilt tab will be have the blocks as I make them. I will probably be driving my self nuts by adding a schedule and a progress chart. It really is difficult getting an A type personality to act like a zennny zennist.
Taz was helping with the fabrics, he was all over them when they were having their picture taken. As soon as the fabric was being packed away again, Taz decided that this was a box and it had fresh fabric in it and that he needed to do some investigation. 

Here are some pictures of Taz being himself.
He looks so sweet in the first picture. He is trying to show that he is a calm and handsome fellah and will wait patiently while his people take his picture.

These next two are showing him spotting the fact that his tail has escaped and its eventual capture. He had a bit of a chew on it, just to show the tail who is boss. He so enjoys this, though he tries to hide it.

Phew! after so much cuteness he is exhausted. He can barely fit in this silly box. He now has to think what he can do next. Even though he is so tired, he is also very bored. Maybe he can go and chase the birds outside, or nap, or is he actually hungry...

Hope you all have an amazing weekend. I know I will.
Have a good one.

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