Monday, 17 August 2015

Over the birthday blues.

It is now a week after my birthday and I have settled into my new aged age. I have learnt that to be a happy human, one should not have preconceived notions of how things should happen. Well I was made to feel extremely special without having to worry about it before hand. 
I received all sorts of fabrics from each of my family members. It is as if I have a fabric stashing problem. They have facilitate my stash in plumping up in a good way. The fabric that I had ordered last year for my birthday, eventually got back to the States and as of yesterday they are coming back to Africa. Hopefully I will get it this time. Inside the parcel is all the colours of the new range for Kona solids. Well they were the new colours last year. 
I was also given a variety of silk threads to use on Applique. It really does make a difference.  I also received a hand vacuum cleaner to pick up all the thread when I am busy sewing. (this too is fabric related)

My husband and my youngest know how I have been battling to decide what I should do for my next quilt and organised for me to get a book on Japanese blocks and a copy of EQ7. I have been diligently doing the lessons. It is now even more fun to decide whether I will create my own blocks, draw up the Farmer's wife's blocks, or do the Japanese blocks or a combination of all three.
This year we had a public holiday on my birthday and had a marvelous morning tea to celebrate the day. We have a gloriously warm morning and it was fun and relaxing.

With regard to my next quilt, first things first, and I am diligently going through all the lessons for EQ7. It will be the only way for me to be able to use the software without hating it. I do believe you have to learn how to use software. I think it is only instinctive if you are a robot or you wrote it yourself. I never have problems using stuff I wrote. I have watched all of the lesson videos and I have completed 4 of the lessons. I will share once I have drawn up a few choices for my next quilt.

I am happily stitching away on my wall hanging. It is coming together nicely. It also keep my fingers busy. I hate not having a project. I was thinking of bucket lists, as one does as you get older and I realized that what I had written in 2013 is still true. Give it a read, it is just a bit of fun. Click here

  Hope you all are having an amazing week.

  Have a good one.


  1. If you go ahead with the farmers wife quilt. I would love to sew along with you. I have wanted to do this for years. I have my book, templates printed and my fabric. I just need a push to get started

  2. I will let you know. Maybe you can join me in the quilt that I do eventually decide on.
    It is always such a big descision to start a quilt when it is going to take a long time to finsh. Have an amazing day Jo :D


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