Sunday, 19 April 2015

Weekend works.

Been quite busy this weekend. I have made numerous mug rugs as I currently have flu and the idea of slinging a quilt around to do hand quilting on it makes my already achy bones ache some more. These were small enough to do. It is very satisfying finishing an item in such a short time.

I currently have laryngitis and the noises that are coming out of my face are the sounds that a love child of a dolphin and a Wookiee would make. Not only is it extremely high pitched but it also contains a strange warble that should only be found in galaxy far far away... I think that is how it goes.
 I am using up all the the scraps that I have from all of the quilts that I have previously made to make up these creations. It may be due to bad planning, but at the end of each quilt that I have done, I always seem to have the equivalent of spare parts when putting a car back together.
I suppose this is due to the fact that I follow my nose when it comes to planning for quilts. It could be that hand made quilts take such a long time to create. Often I have changed my mind of how all of the bits are going to go together at least twice before I
have actually finished the item. Often I have made a whole lot of what I thought I would need. I have an extremely large tub with quilty bits in it. I have seen all the clever people create quilts out of the spare bits

I tried, it looked too weird. Even weirder than a Woikiee/Dolphin offspring. 

My husband wanted picture for his office and my youngest allowed us to scan some of her pictures. I love the vividness of the colours that she uses. I have been given permission to share them. So here they are:


  Hope you have all had an amazing weekend.

Have a good one!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon!! Glad that you were able to find a little something that you could work on while recuperating.


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