Saturday, 4 April 2015

And now to Quilt...

This is where the quilt is now. It has a backing and batting all nicely sandwiched together and ready to quilt. We started at 9:00 this morning and I finished at about 13:00. 1 hour of my husband and daughter helping with the pinning and then another 3 hours of me tacking the borders to keep every thing nice and tidy. 

I have been click happy this morning. Here is how the morning went. Firstly a nice cup of tea and a little play on the computer. The old girl cat sitting on her seat looking all fluffy. I think she is ready for winter. She seems twice as fluffy as she was in summer. She is having a moments peace. This kittens are chasing each other around the house.

This was not likely to last. The little girl bounced all around and came to say hi to the bigger browner cat. The kittens are now six months old. Happy half a year birthday to them. I like the fact that no hissing happens any more.

Tea finished and I thought that I would mug rug today. As I passed my sewing room I thought I would just take a peak at my batting and make sure that it looked ok. This time I am using silk batting. 
The backing goes down first
This is the 12th quilt that I have made and I have tried 5 different battings. I suppose that I should settle for one, but it is too much fun trying a different batting each time.
 Well after staring at the batting for a while, i decided it was time to prepare for quilting. T
Then the batting
his is always an ominous time in our house hold. This is a make or break for the next three month activity. Ok it is really not that dramatic. Firstly down goes the backing and then the batting. 

The top is the top of the sandwich
Lastly the top goes on and then it is pinning time. I  previously used straight pins and then tacked the whole quilt. This was not as much fun as using quilting pins.

The pinning is slow and laborious.  The kitten could not help himself, he had to help with the proceedings. First he had to bite the batting to see if it squeaked on his teeth. This went on for a while until he was satisfied with the quality.

Next he took it upon himself to supervise my husband. I think he was unhappy about something. It looks as though clear instructions are being given. 

Oh goodness has he spotted an error in pinning, This is why he need to be so vigilant whilst supervising. He may need to have another chat. A kitties work is never done. All of this and being cute as well. *SIGH*

The pinning is now done. Time to roll it into a long tube and take it for the next steps in preparation.  I hope he has not spotted a mess. I think he wants to know, why all the pins weren't used.
Here I am tidying up all of the edges. I find this is necessary as this help with keeping the quilt tidy whilst stitching. I cut off the excess batting and the curled the back overt to form the hem. 

All feels well. The backing is soft to the touch. I have found the quilting circle and all of the tiny needles. I am actually writing this blog so that I put off starting the gargantuan task of quilting this quilt. I may only start tomorrow, Maybe there is still time to play with Mug Rugs.

Hope all have an amazing Saturday on this Easter weekend.
Have a good one.


  1. So exciting to start the quilting on a new project! I wonder how the silk batting will compare to others you have tried? Enjoy this new journey!

    1. Thanks Kathy. I have now quilted one flower. It is very light. The needle just flows through it.

  2. Oh - the hard part is done! Love that you had help and a wonderful supervisor. I have never heard of silk batting.... must look for that whenever I get my flower garden done for quilting. One flower at a time will get the job done. Enjoy the stitching.


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