Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy Easter weekend!

Happy Easter Weekend or Happy First Full moon after the equinox. Hope you have a great break from work and find fun ways to spend the weekend. Yes. I know it only supposed to be on Sunday, but I am happy to have all of the days off. This year I have taken off the Thursday and the Tuesday. This gives 6 days of sewing. Oh bliss.

I have started with the backing. I have stitched together 11 stripes. There was a bit of an incident where I had followed the second pattern that I had created in Xcel, but luckily there was only a little swearing and some light un-picking. 

I have started making some mug rugs with some of the left over blocks from the granny's garden. I am using them to update my quilting skills. It takes a while to get my fingers into the rhythm of quilting. This way all the really bad stitching will happen on an item other than my quilt. This in no way exempts me from doing bad stitching when I start on the actual quilt. After such a long time,
I had forgotten how much quilting hurts the fingers. I have been using a rubber thimble whilst piecing. I once again realized that although lovely to use, the rubber thimble is just not strong enough to do the quilting. I will go hunt out the metal thimbles and the plasters needed to stop them from hurting my delicate little fingers.

I went out and bought a whole lot of binding. So beautiful, I will share a picture later. I even bought the binding for the large quilt.

Hope you all have break from work and a project to keep your  fingers happy. Hope you enjoy the cute Easter quilts that I found.

Have a good one. 

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